Pepper pistol, bluish - 2

Pepper pistol, bluish

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Replica gun gun pepper 6 pipes, England 1840. wooden handle and bluish barrel.

The pepper, also called a pepper gun and pepper pot (because of its resemblance to a pepper grinder) is a multiple gun barrel and repetition, with three or more guns lined up around a central axis. Often it appears as a weapon several shots. The pepper exist in all shots: wick, spark wheel, percussion, Lefaucheux cartridges rimfire cartridges and centerfire.

In the 15th century, several weapons were attached to a cylinder head to be shot one by one by a wick. In 1790, pepper sat on the base of the flint. This type of weapon was popular in the United States from the 1830 St. Civil War.

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    Total length Eight inches.
    Place of manufacture Menorca (Spain)
    Material Madeira and Zamak
    Weight 968 gr.