Knights Tent Burgund, 5 x 8 m, 425 g/m², natural colour, medieval tent

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With an imposing height of only 3.5 m, the Burgund knight's tent is a functional and robust camping tent offering ample space. Pitching can be easily handled by 3 to 4 people. Once the roof is mounted, the two side walls only need to be hung by means of hooks and eyelets. A sanefa that runs through the entire tent hidden and sealed the junction between the ceiling and the walls.

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  •  This medieval tent can also be used as a roof simply by leaving the side walls outside. The awning offers good protection against the sun and rain and is designed as a separate part that can be assembled or disassembled according to your needs. The bottom edge closes with a grass cloth that hits inside and keeps dirt and dust on the outside. The door closes with rings and opens simply by winding it. The tent' The rear wall can also be opened to allow more air and light. Each central iron pole and side pole is also conveniently equipped with an extended lower tip designed to be stuck into the ground for proper fixing.

    The tent of the historical knight is treated against mold and mold. The pure cotton canvas is particularly robust and tear resistant, but still has a very affordable price, making this medieval tent an indispensable equipment for medieval markets, military camps or LARP events.

    Our tents and canvases have already been waterproofed. To maintain/recover the waterproofness of your tent or canvas and enjoy its use for a long time, we recommend regular treatment with a waterproofing spray, for example PlUVONIN .

    The delivery includes all the necessary accessories for the correct assembly and fixing of the tent.

    - Dimensions: approx. 5 x 8 m
    - Entry height: approx. 1.85 m
    - Interior height: approx. 3.5 m
    - Height of the side walls: approx. 1.85 m
    - Awning dimensions: approx. 2 x 2.20 m
    - Awning height: approx. 1.85 m
    - Weight: approx. 100kg

    - Tent skin consisting of 1 roof, 2 side walls, 1 awning
    - 20 side posts: approx. 1.85 m (approx. 1.92 m with ends)
    - 2 sectional center posts: approx. 3.5 m (approx. 3.6 m with end tips)
    - 1 sectional ridge pole: approx. 3 m
    - 2 awning poles: approx. 1.85 m
    - 20 rectified nails
    - 22 stakes for tents
    - Cotton ropes with tensioners
    - The shipment consists of three pieces of packaging.

    Colors and materials:
    - natural colour (cotton, 425 g/m²)

    All measurements are approximate and may differ from the actual product provided. The tents are handmade, which gives them an authentic appearance on the one hand, but can also result in one or two small defects on the other. Cotton is a natural material that reacts differently depending on various external conditions and can shrink or expand considerably. Therefore, the iron poles included in the delivery may not fit immediately in the designated holes. In certain cases, it may be necessary to shorten the poles a bit to size. Please do not try to stretch the skin of the tent by force, as it increases the risk of tearing the screen or the points bursting.

    The photos in this item show the 6 x 4 m variant.

    Important information about the assembly, handling and maintenance of our historic tents:

    You can extend the service life of your Viking tent, Roman tent, Saxon tent, knights' tent, medieval tent, commercial tent or medieval market stall and enjoy its use for longer by observing the following precautions:
    Do not stretch the ropes too far, as natural materials such as wood or cotton change under the influence of air humidity and need space to contract and expand. Thus, it can be avoided, for example, that the holes from the roof to the poles are distended and, ultimately, facilitate the entry of water. We recommend slightly loosening the ropes at night as the humidity increases considerably at night and can increase the risk of excessive stress exerted on your tent. The ropes should also be somewhat loosened in the rain or high atmospheric humidity.
    If the tent has been exposed to moisture, we strongly advise you to dwell after use, otherwise it is likely to mold.
    Do not use detergents or any other cleaning products to clean your tent in any way. The best way to remove dry dirt is to use a brush.
    As for storing your tent for a long period of time, please separate all accessories (piles, ropes, etc.) from the tent itself and preferably pack everything separately. Make sure that all items are dry and stored in a dry place.