Functional Viking Sword

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Viking sword well-balanced functional with 1065 high carbon steel with a hardness of 50 HRC. The full Tang is riveted on the doorknob. wooden grip wrapped in leather. Includes rigid sheath made of resin glass rings.

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  • In the year 871 d. C., the young Prince Alfred, known as Alfred the Great, boldly led king Ethelred's army of Wessex in a glorious victory against a large invading Danish army. This sword represents the main weapon used in this crucial battle.

    Steelcraft's winch gunsmiths manufactured this high-carbon steel sword. Take a leaf with an extra wide channel. The guard is luxuriously decorated with a work of embossed Viking knots. Both the button and the protection have been darkened to obtain a forged finish. The button is covered in soft leather with worn finish.

    It comes equipped with an elegant leather hem, with matching belt and metal trim at the tip.

    • Total length: 94 cm
    • Leaf: Length 79 cm; Width 4.7 cm; Thickness 4 mm
    • Weight: 1,165 g
    • Material: Carbon Steel, 1065