Tall medieval knight sword with sheath - 3

Tall medieval knight sword with sheath

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Knight's sword of the high Middle Ages with sheath This reconstruction of a knight's sword from the high Middle Ages is done with his hands only. The chestnut-shaped guard and handle are made of cast iron. The steel spring blade is oil-tempered up to approx. 48 ° Rockwell, forged to the max and chopped with the pommel. The wooden handle is covered in leather. The blade has a distinct fuller along approx. a third of the blade, which offers flexibility and lightness. The edges of the blades are not sharp.

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  • The sword comes with a wooden hem soured in leather. Features

    - Blade material: en45 spring steel
    - Total length: approx. 96.5 cm
    - Blade length: approx. 79.5 cm
    - Blade width in protection: approx. 44 mm
    - Balance point: approx. 16 cm
    - Includes wooden sheath wrapped in leather to be consemptored
    - Weight without hem: approx. 1300 g