Late Milanese medieval sword with finger protector, ca. 1432 AD - 3

Late Milanese medieval sword with finger protector, ca. 1432 AD

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In 1414, the Lusignan kingdom of Cyprus signed a peace treaty with the Mamluk kingdom of Egypt. In honor of the treaty, the King of Cyprus sent several large gifts to the Mammmolucus sultan, composed at least partially of swords.

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  •  Most of these weapons were inscribed in naskhi writing and deposited in the Alexandria Arsenal. In fact, the weapons given to the Mammeluke sultans or shaded by them during the campaigns were deposited in the Arsenal of Alexandria as early as 1367. The large collection of European swords at arsenal gave the modern researcher plenty of material for study.

    One of Alexandria's most famous swords resides at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. This sword is a representative of type XIX swords according to the Oakeshott Typology. The defining characteristics of Type XIX swords are the parallel edges of the blade, the cross section of the hexagonal blade and the short rich.

    This perfect hand-made reconstruction of the Royal Armouries Sword has an 87 cm long oil-tempered steel-spring blade with a full ear riveted in the handle. The edges are not sharp. The guard and handle are hand forged in steel and the handle is wrapped in steel wire.

    This replica needs a real museum piece of late Middle Ages is very light and well balanced. It comes with a leather coated wooden sheath with steel fittings.

    - Blade material: Springsteel EN45, tempered to approx. 48 HRC
    - Total length: approx. 105 cm
    - Blade length: approx. 87 cm
    - Balance Point: approx. 17 cm protection
    - Weight: approx. 950 g