The Last Kingdom, Serpent's Breath, the Sword of Uhtred

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The Last Kingdom, Serpent's Breath, the Sword of Uhtred

Uhtred of Bebbanburg, son of a Noble Saxon but captured by the Danes and raised as one of his own, is forced to choose between the country where he was born and the people of his education. Your loyalty is always tested. What the same is he? Saxon or Dane?

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  • A born warrior, Uhtred is a leader of men, fearless and instinctive. Bound by oath to the king, he plays his part in Alfred's attempts to unite England in a kingdom in the face of Danish invasions. After Alfred's death, his sons Edward and Aethelflaed pursue their father's dream, and Uhtred is lured back into family politics when he joins Edward's service and falls in love with Aethelflaed. In a quest to regain his birthright, his homeland, Bebbanburg, taken from him by his treacherous uncle, Aelfric, Uhtred must tread a dangerous path if he wants to play his part in the birth of a nation and finally recapture their ancestral lands.

    Uhtred can easily be seen on the battlefield wielding his sword with amber handles, Snake Breath, while defeating his enemies. Fate is everything.

    Snake Breath, Uhtred's sword, includes an display board (pictured) and certificate of authenticity.

    - Blade material: stainless steel
    - Cable material: leather wrap, molten metal, faux amber handle
    - Total length: approx. 95 cm
    - Blade length: approx. 71 cm
    - Weight: approx. 1500 g
    Incl. certificate of authenticity and wooden display board.