Pair Roman Grevas brass - 2

Pair Roman Grevas brass

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Praetorian Guard Greaves, Brass "Praetorian Guard, Engraved Bronze, Pairs

originally created around the 3rd c. BC to act as a personal bodyguard force for generals in the Roman Republic, the Praetorians were employed in camp or in battle and would serve as a final reserve force against attacks on commanders during campaigns. During the Roman Empire, this handpicked elite unit provided protection for the emperor. As the only armed soldiers admitted within the walls of Rome, they also received a higher salary and shorter service time than standard legionaries. The Praetorian Guard was finally dissolved in the 4th c. AD by Emperor Constantine the Great.

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  • The articulated and fully wearable Roman leg guards we offer here are manufactured from approx. Brass 1 mm thick and black inside. The shin and knee plates are articulated together for adequate freedom of movement. They are embroidered with three brass grommets on each side and supplied with 3 mm thick square leather cords for a proper bow and size adjustment for a perfect fit.

    These beautiful Roman greaves are made in relief: while one features a guard and snakes, the other is adorned with the image of Hercules, also framed by snakes. Both knee protections show the Roman eagle.

    An ideal accessory for the Roman reconstruction, LARP or stage that will make your transformation into a proud warrior look even more authentic.


    - Material: approx. 1 mm thick brass, leather cords

    - Total length: approx. 59 cm (40 cm without knee pads)

    - Calf opening width: approx. 13 cm

    - Ankle opening width: approx. 9 cm

    - Measuring knee plates: approx. 17 x 16.5 cm

    - Weight (pair): approx. 2.44 kg As