Anglo-Saxon Fetter Lane Sword with Sheath, 8th c., Damascus Steel Blade

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Anglo-Saxon Fetter Lane Sword with Sheath, 8th c., Damascus Steel Blade

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  • This beautiful Saxon one-hand sword is based on the surviving components of an original artifact - the top of a sword handle and with handles excavated during construction work on Fetter Lane, London (hence the name) and given to the British Museum in 1893 The extremely well preserved and beautifully detailed original discovery, made of golden silver, is an absolutely unique piece of Anglo-Saxon history of the medium , still on display at the British Museum in London today. Due to its construction, shape and intricate ornamental motifs, this finely crafted masterpiece is historically placed at the end of the 8th century and is believed to have been the prestigious weapon of a rich warrior or nobleman of Germanic descent.

    As the blade of the current archaeological piece is absent, a classic Dark Age blade (wide, straight, double-edged) was chosen for this highly detailed sword reconstruction of Fetter Lane. It is made of Damascus steel* and features a wide width that types almost its entire length on both sides. Parallel edges are not sharp.

    The richly decorated handle is blown into brass. It consists of several riveted parts (like the original) and recreates closely the beautiful drawings of the museum piece. The handle-strapted lid is made of a domed center element, hinged by three smaller lobes and wire patterns with beads on each side. The handle bar and protection have the same three-part layout and feature diagonal ribs and an intermediate layer of tin-plated brass. The handle is adorned in a dense and complex manner with different plant/tendril motifs and animals of interlaced leaves on both sides (spinning snakes on one side and a bird-like creature or eagle on the other).

    This ancient medieval one-hand sword comes complete with a wooden sheath and brown leather with wooden hanging clip (maximum belt width 5 cm) and brass neck and plate.

    Note that this sword is not a weapon ready for battle. It is designed as a collector's piece or decoration/display and is not suitable for combat reenactment. In addition to its quality as a collectible, it is also perfectly suited as support, for example to complete your fantasy.

    A regular version of this sword with en45 spring blade is also available in our store (product no. 0116041300).


    - Material: Damascus steel blade (high carbon steel, non-stainless steel), brass handle with tin details

    - Total length: approx. 94 cm

    - Blade length: approx. 79 cm

    - Blade thickness: approx. 4.5 mm (cutting edges approx. 1 mm)

    - Cable length: approx. 15 cm (grip approx. 8.5 cm)

    - max. Blade width: approx. 4.5 cm

    - Balance point: approx. 13 cm from guard

    Incl. wooden sheath with genuine leather cover, wooden hanging strap and brass accessories

    - Weight without sheath: approx. 1.65 kg

    - Weight with sheath: approx. 2.1 kg