Caltrop, hand forged in steel - 2

Caltrop, hand forged in steel

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Caltrop, hand forged in steel

Replica of a medieval caltrop, also known as chicken foot or Wolfsangel.

It consists of four sharp nails, three of which form the main pillars,

while a nail always points vertically upwards. The Romans already used caltrops,

who were called Tribulus.

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  • In medieval thousands, they were played by all the battlefields before

    the battle began to weaken the opposing cavalry.

    Our reconstruction is hand forged from a single piece of steel

    in such a way that the individual nails were cut in a hot state.

    They should be used only for authentic demonstration.

    Our caltrop is perfectly suited as a decorative candlestick.


    Weight: approx. 100g

    Height: approx. 7 cm