Functional scimitar

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The Persians used saber swords, called "shamshir" or scimitar.

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  • Our Persian scimitar has a slender single-edged blade with a longer length. It is parallel by about half its length when it begins to lean to a point and curve at the same time. These sharp weapons are designed to be used by mounted warriors. With a scimitar, you can apply cutting and thrusting techniques with equal effect. The wooden handle is decorated with metal riveting and curved like a pistol grip. The cruiser is shaped like an elongated cross and is in fact decorated with the Persian cross of fleury. The langet provides extra support for the handle and blade. This cross-head is characteristic of all scimitar-like swords. A hem is included.


    - Total length: 91 cm

    - Blade length: 78 cm

    - Grip length: 9 cm

    - Weight: 0.67 kg

    - Blade thickness (base): 4.5 mm

    - Blade width (base): 2.9 cm

    - Balance Point (PoB): 21.5 cm