Viking Battle Axe

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A replica of a Viking battle axe. No wonder the Danelaw extended so far.

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  • Museum Quality 9th Century 

    Viking battle axe

    designed by John Barnett

     In warfare the great two-handed axe was the most fearsome weapon the Vikings possessed.

    Axes came in short, medium and large sizes but the most formidable was the large two-handed axe. Being capable of splintering shields, splitting helmets and tearing wide open mail shirts, once a Viking warrior had his great axe in motion he was unstoppable.

    The best technique in using these axes was simply to focus on launching a ferocious attack  with no regard for defence. This was the tactic of the famed berserk warriors of the Viking sagas who at the onset of battle would go into a berserk fury and hack and slay their way through the battle field screaming and foaming at the mouth until either all of their enemies lay dead or they themselves were cut down and killed.

     All swords in the John Barnett collection have EN45 sprung steel blades and guard and pommel pieces are always in steel unless brass or bronze are specified, hand grips are of oak wood over very broad strong tangs

    The John Barnett  collection are all museum quality pieces with their own distinct look and feel.

    The axe head measures approx 320mm wide and 220mm high at the blade (widest part).

    The shaft measures approx 1220mm (48")

    This beast of an axe weighs approx 3.2kg


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    Viking Battle Axe

    A replica of a Viking battle axe. No wonder the Danelaw extended so far.

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