Polypropylene Medieval Sword - 1

Polypropylene Medieval Sword

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Training sword made entirely of polypropylene (plastic). The sword is approximately 100 cms long. The length of the blade is 82 cm. The weight is 0.85 kg.

If your goal is to deal with a sword safely and effectively, you must train with a sword that approaches the size, it handles well and the weight of a steel sword. However, this sword minimizes the possibility of causing serious damage to you or your partner. This sword formation is made with the highest degree of polypropylene and is an authentic replica of a real sword length, size, weight and feel. It is not as hard as wood, but has the advantage of being impervious to the elements, unbreakable and highly resistant to cuts.

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    Total length 100 cms.
    Material Polypropylene
    Long sheet 82 cms.
    Thickness Eight inches.
    Weight 830 grs.
    Long handle 18 cms.