Katana Imori functional John Lee - 1

Katana Imori functional John Lee

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Blade length for Tsuba: approx. 71 cm

Total length without sheath: approx. 100 cm

Length of extension: approx. 28.5 cm

Weight without sheath: approx. 1,300 kg

Weight with sheath: approx. 1,500 kg

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  • Masterpiece of Asian forge

    - The sharp blade is hand forged from carbon steel (not stainless)

    and hardened

    - Wooden handle (Tsuka) is covered with the original ray skin (the same)

    - The hard coating of dark blue cotton was made in

    Katate- Maki-style

    - Accessories (Tsuba, Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira) show a golden newt

    - The handle is particularly long and attached to the wrist with

    2 bamboo pins (Mekugi)

    - The sheath (Saya) is made of wood.

    - The blade collar (Habaki) is made of brass

    - Manufacturing followed examples of museums

    Imori is the name of the Japanese newborn (Alpine). Ornamental newts

    in the fittings are unequivocally and give the sword, which otherwise

    is clearly kept, your name..