Functional Saxon Sword - 3

Functional Saxon Sword

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The Seax, or Sax, is a weapon that has been carried by most people so far in northern Europe. Loaded and used by the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and German tribes, their first use probably dates from before the fall of Rome and continued until the early Middle Ages. The Seax pattern varied greatly from the small 7- and 10 cm-long blade knife to the royal swords from 68 to 71 cm, but always from a single end. The original version of this large knife was used as much as field work, such as cutting work, on board the ship and to combat whether the sword or axe were not available.

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  • It comes equipped with riveted leather case and sewn like the originals and has two openings for the belt.

    • Total length: 48 cm
    • Sheet: 33 cm Length, 4 cm wide, 0.31 cm thick
    • Weight: 454 gr