Beige Imperial Perponto - 2

Beige Imperial Perponto

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A sparkling gambeson, nice, according to historical models. All locks are provided with cables, and more ropes ensure that additional Jack Chains, leggings or plate shoulders can be applied at any time. The stand-up collar prevents the neck from being scraped by box or chain equipment.

Available in various sizes and colors.


- Material: 100% cotton, polyester

- Weight: approx. 1.3 kg

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  • Size table (all measurements are approximate)

    Size Length approx. Sleeve length approx. Bottom width approx.
    S 64 cm 64 cm 93 cm
    M 70 cm 102 cm 66 cm
    I 72 cm 67 cm 113 cm
    Xl 75 cm 67 cm
    125 cm