Medieval sword a functional hand - 4

Medieval sword a functional hand

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Medieval sword a functional hand. Hand-made in EN45 steel with a hardness of 48-50º HRC. Blade with edge with rounded edges and blunt tip. With disc button and manufactured in Germany by Ulfberth®. Wooden handle covered in leather and reinforced at the ends by 2 steel rings. Includes matching leather hem.

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  • Technical

    Long 88.5 cms.
    Material Blade: EN45 carbon steel
    Long leaf 68 cms.
    Thickness 4mm /8ga

    Steel hardness (Rockwell range)48-50º HRCWeight1050 gr.Center of gravity12 cms.Sheet width (in guard)Four inches.


    Good quality carbon steel sheets, perfectly balanced and balanced

    , in addition to being seasoned to withstand combat, but with a little less hardness.

    Some models, with less hardness, tend to be more flexible and lighter.

    They can only be used with the category and, if possible, make the manufacturer and category.

    Never use these swords with other category A ones as they are susceptible to irreversible damage to the leaves.

    Recommended for beginners and ambitious professionals.

    Hardness of sheets: depending on the types and treatment of steel, they can be:

    En45 carbon steel heat treatment: 48-50 HRC

    AISI 1090 carbon steel: 48-50 HRC

    1065 Carbon Steel: 50 HRC

    Carbon steel 5160: 50 HRC

    Other types of steel: 44 HRC or higher

    Full spike (full spike): welded or screwed to the button

    The use and enjoyment of any functional sword,

    classified in any of the above categories,

    personal and exclusive responsibility of the person as the use of