Sword Ivanhoe Bronze - 3

Sword Ivanhoe Bronze

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Decorative Ivanhoe sword with bronze finish.

Disowned and driven out by his father Cedric the Saxon, declaring his love for Lady Rowenta, the young noble part Ivanhoe with his sword to the Crusades of the Holy Land with Richard Lionheart I, seeing mixed in return in this fight with his brother Prince John.

Loved by the beautiful Rebecca, daughter of Isaac of Jewish York, Ivanhoe with spear and sword defend the innocence of the young man after being accused by the Grand Master of the Order of the Templars, the endemoninhado, and having taken a spell of love to Brian de Bois-Guilert, knight of the Order.

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    Total length Nine nine inches.
    Place of manufacture Toledo (Spain)
    Material Blade: Stainless Steel
    Long sheet 82 cms
    Thickness 0.5 cms

    Width sheet (in custody)5.7 cms