How to clean and keep your Sword

Como limpar e manter a sua Espada

We do not recommend leaving the sword in places exposed to the weather; Do not keep touching the blade with your hands, human contact damages the blade of the sword; Always keep the blade clean and with lubricating oil; If any rust appears, even if it is very small, clean it immediately (we will explain below how to clean it); Do not use common cleaning products to clean the blade; Do not apply heat to the blade; Do not sharpen or sharpen the blade; Do not fight or use the sword to cut, it is decorative. How to Clean and Oil Your Sword Blade What will it take? Lemon Salt Sponge Paper towel Mineral oil (I recommend NUJOL, you can buy it at pharmacies) Procedures: Squeeze the lemon and drip the liquid through the blade; Throw a little salt through the blade; With the sponge, rub the lemon juice and salt hard over the blade, until all dirt or rust stains are removed; With the paper towel, dry the blade after cleaning; Do this on both sides of the blade; Throw a little (very little) mineral oil on a piece of paper towel; Pass the oil all over the blade on both sides and store the sword without removing this oil, it will prevent the blade of your sword. I recommend this procedure at least once a month, but the ideal is to do it as often as possible; If you live near the beach, I recommend once a week, due to the action of the sea air on the blade. How to eliminate a small rust stain: Squeeze the lemon and drip the liquid through the blade; Sprinkle the salt on the blade; With a steel sponge (Bombril, Açolan, etc), rub hard until the stain is removed; As soon as a rust stain appears, remove it immediately, this stain can spread and cause more rust; After that lubricate the blade again and store it