Deal of the days


Institutional Banners

We commercialize many products and several brands, we have our own confection. We analyze the best solution for the products desired by the customer so that we can make the articles with the quality and rigor required to suit your needs.

We aim to respond to the needs of national and international institutions such as the Public Security Police, Municipal Police, Maritime Police, Navy, Army, Air Force, National Republican Guard, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, Armed Forces and Security Forces of Angola and Cape Verde.

We have a drawing office, which develops graphic and heraldic studies, which allows the realization of rigorous designs and respective heraldic descriptions.

We develop solutions that meet the pretensions of each client.

These drawings can later be materialized in the production of emblems, badges, distiches, embossed by micro-injected PVC, in high-frequency relief. in Embroidery and Metal.