Categories of Functional Swords

Information about our Battle Ready Blades


Combat reenactment, organized battles with swords and other blades are becoming more and more popular.

We offer a wide range of various blades ready for battle from different manufacturers and brands. Depending on the manufacturer, occasionally there may be large differences in the method of production, the materials used, the quality and of course the price. It is often very difficult to recognize one or the other advantage of a blade and to evaluate it properly. All blades ready for battle have in common the fact that they are blunt and have a rounded tip. To allow a better comparison, we decided to classify the ready-to-battle swords that we distributed into three categories.


Combat classification of merchant blades for practical blades without cutting


The first SK-A category represents the best blades. The blades are made of high quality steels, are perfectly balanced and carefully hardened for high hardness. Swords are suitable for professionals who act regularly and value good quality.


- Hardness of the blade: min. 50 HRC

- The blade material reaches the handle and is riveted or screwed onto the handle (screw if the blades can be replaced, for example, "Tinker" swords)

- Lightweight and easy to handle with a well balanced center of gravity

- Edged, rounded and mainly rounded edges

- Poss. material defects beyond the legal deadline


Swords belonging to the second category SK-B are also made of high quality steels, however, they are not as hard as class A swords and, during a fight with harder notch carvings, can occur much more easily. They are fairly balanced, but may weigh a few more grams. They are the ideal blades for the ambitious beginner as well as for the advanced swordsman.


- Hardness of the blade: min. 48 HRC

- The material of the blade reaches the handle and is riveted or fixed in the handle

- Rounded and round tip and rounded tip

- Lightweight and easy to handle with a well balanced center of gravity

- no Warranty


The third category, SK-C, offers rebuilding beginners an affordable, but still safe, opportunity to have their own sword ready for battle and perform the first basic exercises. Swords are ideal for anyone who wants to have a sword ready for battle, but does not use it often, for example. for archers. The blades are not particularly hard and during struggles with harder notches may occur.


- Blade hardness: less than 48 HRC

- The material of the blade reaches the handle and is riveted or fixed in the handle

- Blunt edge and rounded tip

- Can be heavy and not ideally balanced

- no Warranty


Warranty Information:


Of course our ready-to-battle weapons are also subject to a two-year legal guarantee. It is to be considered that the obligation to prove defects (eg material failures),

which already existed on the date of purchase and were not claimed within 6 months, is with the customer. Therefore, complaints after 6 months are difficult and unfortunate for both parties.

Needless to say, a sword ready for battle is an item subject to wear. Even the best and most expensive sword will be trimmed after heavy use, the cross guard can become unstable and the grip loose. This is normal because strong forces act on the material. Even with these blades, the unlikely event can occur if they are braked by a number of possible deep notches. Generally, these are not a valid reason for complaint, but normal signs of use. A sword ready for battle, however good it may be, will not look new after use.