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Katana Imori functional John Lee
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Blade length for Tsuba: approx. 71 cm
Total length without sheath: approx. 100 cm
Length of extension: approx. 28.5 cm
Weight without sheath: approx. 1,300 kg
Weight with sheath: approx. 1,500 kg
German officer saber
Replica of a German officer's saber with steel sheath.
Delivery includes steel sheath.
Total length: approx. 94.5 cms
Blade length: approx. 80 cms
Weight (without sheath): approx. 700 gr
Material: EN45 steel
Shield , Edward I
Height: 61 cmWidth: 55 cmDepth: 12 cmWeight: 2.00kgColor: Yellow, Red, Material: Wood, Leather
Daga Maximilian I with hem
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Replica of maximilian dagger with high carbon steel blade. Includes leather hem with brass details. It is thought that this dagger was carried at the Battle of Guinegate or the Battle of the Spores in 1513.
Prussian Officer's Sabre
This beautiful replica was hand forged from high carbon steel. The blade is not sharp. Total length: approximately 109.0 cm Leaf length: about 94.0 cm maximum. Sheet width: approximately 3.0 cm edge without cut: 1.0 mm Weight: 1.5 kg.
Medieval Wooden Sword
Useful wood training sword, based on a genuine
Norman sword of a hand and a half!

Wooden swords are suitable for improving fighting skills.

Material: mango wood
Blade length: approx. 85 cm
Total length: approx. 105 cm
Weight: approx. 350 g
U.S. Heavy Cavalry Sword with Steel Sheath
During the American Civil War (1861-1965), swords and sabers were not only produced directly in the American territory, but also imported en masse from Europe by both the Union and the Confederate States, which explains why the original survivors exist in many variations.
This beautiful and good-value sword is not a replica of an original historical piece, but is based on a French design that was quite popular among officers and soldiers common on both sides of the conflict (and was used by many countries during the 19th century).
Helm Crusaders
The so-called 'big helmets' (in English. Large helmets) were often worn on a smaller, lighter helmet (e.g., brain hoods). They were scattered throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Numerous contemporary photographs (e.g. miniatures) and finds of Germany, Flanders, England, Italy, Switzerland, Österreichetc. These helmets were popular in the early 13th century and were in use until the 14th century.
Our replica has a very comfortable, padded entrance and a leather chin strap.
Kit Katana Functional Blade AISI 1045 with box
Functional blade Katana AISI 1045 carbon steel with 106 cm finished in black with edge, black sheath and brown cord, brown handle with wooden box lined with decorative presentation fabric.
Katana Enma De Zoro De One Piece

Decorative Katana Enma De Zoro De One Piece, Cape Black

Zoro Decorative Katana Enma from One Piece. It is an unofficial replica with steel blade with black finish with red details and satin finish, black cable with gold details.